Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today's Meijer Shopping Trip

Today I headed over to Meijers. Ragu is on sale this week 3 for $4, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is on sale for 1/2 price and Frenchs onions is on sale for $2.50. I was able to get 12 jars of Ragu pasta sauce, 5 packages of Quilted Northern, 1 Daisy Sourcream and 1 can of Frenchs onions. I paid $15.05 total. I was able to get all these things by printing coupons from Meijer Mealbox. I also used 2 manufacture coupons for $.50 off Ragu that were in this past Sunday paper, I printed 2 manufacture coupons for $1.00 from Quilted Northern website, I had $.50 manufacture coupon off Daisy Sourcream and a $.50 manufacture coupon for Frenchs onions. All my manufacture coupons doubled to $1.00. Even if I didn't have the manufacture coupons this would be worth doing just with the Meijer promo coupons from Mealbox. I will be printing more and going back at these prices. I saved $44.00 after manufacture coupons, Meijer promo coupons and sale prices.

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  1. Hey its Sue. I tried to go to the Northern website to print their coupons, but my computer won't download the coupon printer program no matter how hard I try. Any chance you could print me one and bring it to the office, as well as one from the website for All free and clear? Thanks!